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August - Home Clean Up Tips!

Mid to late August is the perfect time to finish those outdoor home improvement projects, prepare your home for fall, and pack up the summer items for next season.

1. Maintain the AC unit and change the HVAC filters regularly.

With AC units running all summer long, it is important to keep up with general maintenance of the outdoor AC units, as well as the HVAC filters inside the home.

Make sure the exterior unit is clear of grass and debris and the wiring and cables look to be in good condition.

Air filters in the HVAC system should be checked every 3 months and changed as needed. A fresh filter will help keep the system running more smoothly and efficiently.

2. Clean out the bathroom exhaust fans.

Bathroom fans are largely ignored when it comes to house cleaning. It's something we rarely think about, but a clean exhaust fan can make a big difference in keeping the home free from extra humidity and moisture that can lead to mold and mildew!

Start by vacuuming the vent, then carefully remove the vent plate and wash off the dirt and dust in the sink. You may want to use a small scrub brush to get into the smaller areas or to get rid of any stubborn dirt and debris.

Please note! If you are looking to vacuum out / clean out the interior of the vent space in the ceiling, there may be exposed wires or wiring that may be very delicate and may cause some problems if it is moved. You may want to shut off the electrical breaker to the room before cleaning the interior of the vent area!

Once the vent cover is cleaned and dried, simply secure it back into place. You may notice that your mirrors fog less, and you have less humidity in your bathrooms after cleaning the bathroom vents.

3. Protect your deck.

After the summer fun and cookouts are winding down, it's time to tackle the deck.

Keeping your deck clean and sealed will protect it through the winter months and extend the overall life of your deck.

You may want to consider power washing to make quick work of removing dirt, debris, mold and mildew that has built up on the surface of the wood. You could also use a deck cleaner and scrub brushes on specific areas that need extra TLC.

While sanding the deck after cleaning is optional, a quick pass before sealing using 120-grit sandpaper is all that is needed. Once finished, use a leaf blower to remove all dust and debris. Sanding will help the improve the look of the wood and help the sealant to adhere to the wood.

Be sure to check the weather before starting the final step of the sealing process, as most solutions will need up to 48 hours to dry.

4. Clean and maintain gutters, eves, and windows.

Gutters are often overlooked in the summer months. Cleaning your gutters in August will help remove any access debris from summer storms that may be clogging the gutters and causing any standing water to accumulate.

Standing water in the gutters may encourage mold growth and mosquitos in the summer months. Cleaning and maintaining your gutters in August will also help make your fall clean up easier.

August is the perfect time to clean your windows inside and out.

The best time to clean the outside of your windows may be in the morning when the temperature is between 50 - 75 degrees.

Try cleaning the windows room by room. Don't feel like you have to do it all in one day. Sometimes we get inturruped when cleaning windows, and can't remember where we left off or which side of the window is still dirty. One tip to help with this when cleaning is to wipe one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically. If any streaks do form, you'll easily know whether they're on the outside or the inside.

If you are worried about chemical cleaning soulutions, and looking for a gentile but effective cleaning solution for windows, try this mixture below in a simple spray bottle:

  • 2 cups water

  • 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar

  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 70% concentration

5. Prepare the lawn for seeding.

Late August is the prefect time to begin preparing the yard for grass seeding in September.

Begin by raking to level the surface, and remove rocks and sticks and debirs. Once it is clear, spray the area with water.

Once the area is exposed, you will want to add nutrients such as compost, topsoil and fertilizer. This will help prepare the area to encourage seed growth once the seeds are planted in September.


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