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Freshen up for February!

Beat those cold winter weather blues with some low to no cost solutions to freshen up your home!

Declutter & Downsize

Now is the time to take advantage of staying indoors! Clear off those shelves, clear out those drawers, and keep only what you love! Clutter can cause stress and anxiety. Donate what you don't need anymore, and get rid of broken or unusable items. Remember to surround yourself with minimal items that are meaningful to you and make you feel joyful.

Refresh Your Interiors With New Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference! Can't afford to freshen up the whole house? Try creating a feature wall, or start with a small bedroom or bathroom. A new color could bring a more modern or personalized touch to your interior spaces.

Let The Light In!

Sunlight can be a great mood booster! Consider changing up your window treatments to let in more natural light. Soft lamp light and candles can also help warm up a space and create a comforting atmosphere during these cold winter months. If pets and children are a concern with regular candles, try LED candles in your home as an alternative!

Add Some Greenery

Adding plants around the house can help freshen the air quality of your home, as well as enhance your mood! Try adding a large plant in a corner of a room to create a dramatic feel, or try smaller plants around the home to accent shelves or displays. If you don't have a green thumb, consider succulent plants. They are lower maintenance and still have a modern look.

Create an area for Mindfulness

Now more than ever we all need a space to relax. Consider creating a peaceful space in your home where people can relax, meditate, do yoga, or just read. A dedicated space for mindfulness can help everyone in your home take a much needed time out.


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