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Home Design Trends - Fall 2022

The pumpkin spice is already here! Get ready for fall with these fresh design ideas and new trends to begin your cozy home creations.

After all we have been through the last few years, it is no surprise that our home design trends continue to encourage the feeling of calm and relaxation. The trends for 2022 have evolved to incorporate many Scandinavian design elements (clean and minimal) with subtle pops of unique touches that make your home feel like your own.

1. Curves! Curves! Curves!

Home design in 2022 is all about comfort and curves. From built-in architectural elements and large furniture pieces, to small decorative items in the home, curves take the stage this year creating soft, clean, sleek lines. These rounded forms and soft edges help to create the feeling of soothing spaces throughout your home.

2. Neutrals and Earth Tones With Pops of Color

A neutral color pallets set the foundation for many of the designs we are seeing throughout 2022. Having a neutral color base sets a calm tone for the space, while allowing you to individualize your home by adding pops of color with throw pillows, blankets, lamps, decor items etc... This also allows some versitility with your designs as the seasons change. Consider accent colors beginning this fall that create that warm cozy feel such as light brown, orange or rust colors, warm reds or darker maroon tones.

3. Invite Nature Into Your Home

Another trend we are seeing this year are natural wood elements and lots of greenery accenting the living space. Studies have shown that having plants in your home may help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase air quality, and working with plants can be very theraputic. Natural wood elements in the home also help to create the feeling of being connected to nature and can help to create a feeling of being grounded in the space.

4. Woven Textures

Woven textures continue as a strong design element this fall from accent pieces like blankets, baskets, to larger items like rugs, ratttan furniture pieces, and wall decor. These woven textures enhance the feeling of natural warmth, softness, and gentle curves in the space. The handmade aesthetic can also create a feeling of nostalga and care from the craft of the creations that accent your home.

5. Anitque Chic

Integrating vintage, antique, and rustic accents into a neutral and modern style has become a very big trend this year. By upcycling older items, you are investing in well built classic pieces and also helping the environment by repurposing already existing pieces to accent your home. Contrasting both old and modern styles can help to create a more personalized and unique space that really feels like home for you.


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