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Spring Cleaning Hacks

Check out these cleaning hacks to help you cut down on your cleaning time so you can get outside and enjoy that spring time sunshine!

When creating your cleaning plan, always try to work from the top down in each room. Dust, dirt and debris will continue to fall downward as you clean, so be sure to do floors last.

Avoid the Spring Cleaning overwhelm by working on one room at a time. Be sure to get the family involved in helping to clean and keeping the newly cleaned areas free of clutter!

Here are some quick cleaning hacks to help get the job done faster!

Hack 1 - The Electric Toothbrush

Using a simple electric toothbrush can help make your home sparkle in those hard to clean areas. Try using a baking soda and water mix on the toothbrush to clean out stubborn grout stains in the kitchen or bathroom. You could also use the electric toothbrush to help clean soap scum and debris off of kitchen and bathroom tile. The toothbrush can also help clean the hard to reach areas around faucets and fixtures.

Hack 2 - The Pillow Case

When planning to clean the ceiling fans, a pillow case will be your best friend.

Simply insert the fan blade into the pillow case, press around the outside edge of the pillow case and drag the pillow case down the blade to trap the dust and debris in the pillow case!

Hack 3 - Microfiber Gloves

Try wearing microfiber gloves while cleaning. This is a great way to easily dust plants, nick-nacks, blinds, and many other surfaces and items that are hard to dust throughout the house. Simply move your hands across the objects or surfaces to make dusting a breeze!

Hack 4 - Lemon Peels and Ice Cubes

Clean stinky garbage disposals using lemon peels and ice cubes!

With the water running at about half throttle, drop in lemon peels. Run the disposal for five seconds, then turn it off and wait 15 minutes.

The Citric acid from the peels softens crusty waste and attacks smelly bacteria.

Next, turn on the water and the disposal and drop in a few ice cubes.

The shards of ice work like a sandblaster inside the disposal to help clean out gunk and debris that may be stuck on the blades.

Hack 5 - Plastic Tubing

If crumbs, papers or even flatware falls into the gap between your countertop and refrigerator, try filling the void with nearly invisible plastic tubing. Clear tubing is available at home centers in several widths starting at 1/8 inch. Creating a barrier will help save time - no more fishing out crumbs and other items from that tight space.

Hack 6 - Rain-X or Aquapel

Protect Your Shower Doors from Mineral Buildup using a water repellant!

When the beads of water left on your glass shower door dry out, they leave minerals behind that are at best unsightly, and at worst can be tough as nails to remove if you let them build up.

You can avoid beading water altogether by coating the glass with an auto-glass treatment. Two brands are Aquapel and Rain-X. Follow the instructions on the package to apply the treatment to your shower door glass. You can buy Aquapel or find a local dealer online. You'll find Rain-X at any auto parts store.

We hope that these cleaning hacks help save you some time this spring. If you are thinking of selling your home and need help with deeper cleaning, let us know! We can help with local cleaning company referrals and share tips on getting your home ready for sale!


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