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Home Sweet Home - Valentine's Day Ideas You Can Create At Home

On a Budget This Year? Create low cost magical moments for you and your loved ones from the comfort of your own home this Valentine's Day!

Turn your dining room tabletop into a restaurant worthy table scape!

There are many ways to style your table on a budget for a nice Valentine's Day dinner. There are many colors to play with, and flowers can really brighten up your table scape. You can also find mix and match colorful dishware pieces at thrift stores, antique stores, or your local party stores. Adding a few candles can also create a magical warmth for your Valentine's Day evening.

Designing your table scape can also be a fun family activity! Kids can help create custom table runners, placemats, and fun decor for a fancy Valentine's Day evening dinner!

Create the coziest movie night ever

Find your most comfy pajamas, your warmest fuzzy socks, and the softest blankets and pillows you have because it's time to create the coziest movie night ever! Weather you are sharing a night in with your sweetheart or with the whole family, you are sure to have a relaxing evening! Challenge everyone in the home to find everything they think is the most cozy and put it all in the living room (or movie watching area), then pop some popcorn, cue up the movies, and get ready to get cozy!

Convert your bathroom into a mini spa for the evening

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day. Create a mini spa in your own bathroom with all of the relaxing smells, sounds, and scenery that give you the most calm and relaxation.

Adding the smells of essential oils, candles or fresh flowers, the calming sounds of music or nature sounds, and the warm glow of candles will enhance the spa feel of a warm soak in your very own bath.

Not into chocolates? Try these healthy alternatives!

Edible arrangements are always a festive favorite. These fruit bouquets are perfect for sharing with a loved one or with the whole family. If the cost is a factor, consider creating your own fresh fruit creations using skewers to create custom fruit kababs.

Try using cookie cutter heart shapes to create a special Valentine's Day arrangement!

Another low calorie option for Valentine's Day is a classic - strawberries and whipped cream!

For a more elegant presentation, consider slicing the strawberries and layering the berries and whipped cream in a fancy glass to create a parfait style treat!


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