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Prepare Your Home Now For a Faster Spring Sale!

Whether you are thinking of upsizing or downsizing your home to fit your current lifestyle, now may be the perfect time to start preparing your home.

Use these quick tips to help you prepare your home during the winter months for a faster sale this spring!

Declutter Your Home

Start with the Decluttering process. Most home organizing professionals recommend going room to room and using 4-5 categories to sort the existing clutter in the home.

  • The items you will keep can be grouped together and sorted later to avoid being sidetracked or overwhelmed while getting organized.

  • The items you want to trash or donate can be immediately eliminated to help you gain valuable space in the home and make cleaning easier in our second step of Deep Cleaning!

  • The items you wish to sell can be grouped together and put aside for a later time to be sold online, or put into storage for a spring garage sale!

  • The items you wish to recycle may be able to go out with standard recycling, but you may need to check with your local city or village about how to recycle certain specialty items such as electronics and appliances.

Deep Cleaning Your Home

The second step in preparing your home should be Deep Cleaning.

This process can become overwhelming when we think about our daily tasks that don't seem to allow time for additional cleaning time!

One way to help organize this process, and make the task list more manageable, is to list out what needs to be cleaned inside the home and choose one deep cleaning task for each day of the month.

You might also want to

note how long each cleaning task will take along side the item so you can easily see what you and your family members can make time for.

You could delegate some quick tasks to members in the home or create a family style cleaning time into a daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

Start a List of Repairs and Improvements (Inside & Outside)

Starting a list of repairs will help you prepare your budget and your timeline for your home sale. Taking care of any interior issues during the winter months can help save you time when looking to sell your home in the spring.

Most repairs should take priority over cosmetic improvements. It is best to outline these repairs and improvements with your trusted realtor to save you time and money when preparing your home.

Begin to Estimate The Costs for Moving

Keeping track of expected moving expenses can better prepare you for moving into your new home before your sale. The following is a preliminary checklist of things to think about when considering an upcoming move.

  • Packing supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, markers, labels, etc...)

  • Moving truck / gas for the truck / professional movers / tips for movers

  • Pet boarding during the move

  • Childcare during the move

  • Estimate costs for any new appliances needed in the new home, and any possible delivery charges

  • Utilities and subscriptions that will need to be updated to your new address - be sure to check how many days notice you need to make any address changes to ensure you are not having to pay extra fees or have interruptions in your services.

Consult With a Realtor In The Months Before You Are Ready To Sell

Working with a trusted, and licensed realtor will make all the difference in getting your home sold at a fair market price. The following is a list of advantages you gain when working with a realtor to sell your home.

  • Expert knowledge of the housing market and neighborhood trends

  • Assistance with planning, preparing, and pricing your home for sale

  • Coaching and advice throughout the entire transaction

  • Professional photography of your home

  • Digital marketing on many platforms

  • Print marketing to promote your property

  • Your listing on the MLS (multiple listing service)

  • Professional for sale signs, showings, and feedback about potential buyers

  • Experienced negotiator and liaison for your transaction

  • Ensuring that you have a smooth closing

Let us know if you are thinking of making a move!

We are here to help you find the right home for your lifestyle


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