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Summer Garage Sale Tips

Below are some tips to help you make that summer garage sale a huge success!

1. Select The Best Days & Times For Your Sale

Generally the best days to host a sale are weekend days, and the best times are mornings and afternoons. If you are not available to host during these ideal times, you can still have a successful sale with the right advertising and promotion!

2. Get The Word Out!

Attract more garage sale shoppers by promoting your upcoming garage sale a few weeks beforehand. Consider promoting your sale online for free with the following websites:

Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist

3. Watch The Weather

Keep an eye on the weather to be prepared for rainy days ahead. Have a plan to move items easily from the driveway or yard and into the garage if bad weather arises. Another option to consider would be adding tent areas that are already covered, should bad weather pass through.

4. Streamline The Pricing Process

Pricing all the individual items for sale can feel tedious and overwhelming when you have a lot of items for sale. Consider the following ideas to help streamline the pricing process for your sale!

  • Host a "Name Your Price" garage sale where buyers can suggest what they want to pay for any item, and you will not need to tag all the items for sale.

  • Have some friends over a few days before the sale to have a pricing party!

  • Offer "Mystery Bags" for the same type of items at one flat price. For example, having mystery bags of kids clothes sorted by age group for $4 per bag.

  • Pricing the items for sale can be a fun family activity! If children are old enough, they can have fun pricing their own items for sale.

5. Tips To Maximize Your Sale

Coordinating with neighbors to have your sales at the same time, or having a group family sale can generate a lot more activity. Having a group sale may also provide you with additional help that may be needed when making sale transactions throughout the days of the sale. If you need a break, another person involved in the sale can step in and take over for you!

Prepare the night before your sale. Have a cash box or money pouch ready and have some money on hand to make change. Make sure items are priced and tables are pre - set up or ready to be set up in the morning. You may have many customers that arrive early to get the best items available!

Group similar items together to be put out for the sale. This makes it much easier for customers to find the specific items they are looking for.

Have clear directional signs that are posted near main intersections to make your sale easy to find. Your signs should also show your address, as well as the days and times of your sale.

6. After Your Sale

Pay it forward after your sale by donating any remaining items to thrift stores, shelters, or request a donation pick up from a charitable organization!


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